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Transform Your Business to A multi million $ Brand

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Neeraj, you have been a great Asset to this company and Myself. You have been highly Dedicated and Persevered to achieve the best results for the company. Thanks for everything you helped the company and me achieve.

- Jeh Wadia​


THE US $1 Billion Startup Blueprint

This Free Masterclass that I have put together, will guide you Step by Step to generate Exponential Results in your business and life. Probably become a Billion Dollar Brand sooner than you may imagine.

Know Your Coach

India's Greatest Brand Builder

Hi, I am Neeraj Kapoor, a Business Transformation Catalyst and one of India’s Greatest Brand Builder recognized @ Global Stage. 

As the founder of Start-up Business Academy, I am on a Mission to Empower Top Professionals & Business Owners to Manifest their Dreams into Profitable Reality with Ease, Grace, Power and Simplicity. 

I work with Passionate Entrepreneurs to Enable them Rapidly Scale Up their Business Turnover and Profitability leveraging Laser Sharp Marketing and Technology Automation tools.

I am probably the only professional who has directly worked with the India’s 4 Billionaire Business Families that of "Dhoots, Firodias, Wadias and Birlas" for their several brand launches and marketing. I have a very distinct understanding of customer psychology that translates into Laser Sharp business and marketing strategy.

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What The World Say :

4.8 out of 5 stars

I have Known Neeraj since 2012. he is an amazing mind. His concepts of Grow Brands and what he can do to for your company is amazing. His concepts and ideas are original, practical and Easy to implement. he is a good Human being too full of energy and passion. Good to work with him. I recommend him highly for all Startups and people who are starting New ventures. You must talk to him at least once.

Jayant Hudar

Master Trainer for Coaches - Business Growth Expert

Neeraj began as a colleague and turned out to be a friend you would love to work with. Dynamic and Dedicated are two words to express him. It also surprises me to see a guy whose so upwardly mobile yet has his feet firmly set into humble dwellings of life and reality. His personality is identified by his very prominent voice that strikes everyone around with a wand of charisma that a few can posses. He has oodes of confidence and the know how of his trade mark business.. "Marketing". Cheers to him and Best wishes.

Gautam Salaskar

Founder at iGSWorks21

My personal interactions with Neeraj Kapoor make me to say that he is an inspiring personality, devoted to helping, guiding, mentoring, coaching and igniting the minds of people in starting their own business. As a CEO of the Business Startup Academy his mission is to help more than five million people to stand on their own to fulfill their dream, and for this, he has the system, proven system, covering every aspect from A to Z. He has the expertise, knowledge, experience and the systems -step by step from conception to successful execution. I wish him great success in his mission

Raj Dham

Success MINDSET Life Coach ; Creator of BMP ,Heart-Mind Approach,Healer and Keynote Speaker

If you are lost in the corridors of your mind and unable to find a way to achieve something big in life. Neeraj is the person to go. He knows not how to motivate you like a coach but also how to untangle your mind and go concrete in your planning. He pushes you to not just plan but act till you succeed. He is a transformation guru who works on your core and transforms you into a highly resourceful, focused, and influential person. His methodologies and approaches reflect upon his wealth of experience. So, if you have a dream that you do not know how to make a reality, I strongly recommend you to seek his help.

Pooja Dubey

Founder & CEO - GWA - Author

Neeraj Kapoor is an amazing though leader. He is very sharp at identifying the problem and is an amazing problem solver. He adds immense value to all the clients which he works with. He is highly focused and has the ability to completely the tasks and projects before time by his sheer focus and attention to detail. He is the main source of inspiring for young entrepreneurs of today's generation and is a brilliant mentor to the startup community. He is a very positive person bringing in lot of hope, enthusiasm and optimism to people he is connected with. All in all, I highly recommend Neeraj to one and all to transform your businesses and scale them up to the next level and eventually reach your business goals. Kudos to Neeraj for his wonderful work and fabulous contribution to business fraternity

Mehul Harsora

Founder and CEO of TechStom

The very first session with Neeraj itself was quite effective. The session was to help me identify opportunities for business growth. In the one hour session, Neeraj managed to pull me out of my comfort zone and moved me into the growth zone. I found Neeraj's style to question and get to the bottom of the business needs and value proposition highly effective. Besides, Neeraj comes across as a humble personality despite being accomplished entrepreneur and successful in so many initiatives he leads. His energy is infectious and worth being close to. For anyone interested in raising the bar and take on growth path in their business, I would highly recommend Neeraj and his organization.

Pameet Singh

Founder at The MicroB Revolution

If you're looking for passion-filled ideas and innovative approaches, then Mr.Kapoor is your man..He is a man who has always led his team & the organisation by examples...Apart from being a thorough professional Neeraj is a Gem of person & always Mr Dependable in times of crises.

Vishal Sharma

Director - Sales & Marketing at Raymond Limited

Its been a pleasure to have worked with Neeraj ... a consummate marketer, who has successfully demonstrated creating great brands., and of course, bagging the influential CMO award. One of the brilliant qualities about Neeraj is to bring in the strategic vision, tactical planning and execution finesse to his work. Way to go man !!

Sumit Chopra

Founder at The MicroB Revolution

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the Masterclass Start?

You can start your Masterclass Immediately with a single click.

Is Masterclass is Live or Recorded?

It's a Pre Recorded Masterclass So that you can watch it without any delay.

Why is the Masterclass is Free?

We know a lot of Entrepreneurs are stuck without proper guidance, So I made it free so that everyone can get the required knowledge to enable them fast track their growth in business without struggling.

Is Neeraj is really "India's Greatest Brand Builder"?

Yes, I have been awarded as "India's Greatest Brand Builder" by CMO Council, Asia @ Singapore. This is not to impress you but to impress upon you the kind of learning that awaits you.

More Results

4.8 out of 5 stars

Neeraj is a thorough marketing professional. It was a treat to work with him. His understanding of customer behaviour at grass root levels , fundamentals of good customer engagement and brand positioning are par excellence . Above all I found him to be a God fearing and a very good human being . I wish Neeraj the very best in his new venture.

Ravi Bhushan Gupta

CEO at RuralShores Business Services Pvt Ltd

In my lifetime's professional association , if i have to give the most marks for selfless consuming work involvement to anyone , it shall be Neeraj. Extremely dependable , overwhelmingly committed and sooooo good at execution . Great working hands, an excellent shoulder for dependability, a balanced head over it , and a wonderfully well meaning heart .It was a pleasure and a great comfort having him in the team

Ajay Kapila

Founding Partner at The Last Mile

Neeraj is a Wonderful Person who mixes Business Growth with Business Values and Branding. Polite and friendly who does handholding till we accomplish our Goals and Results. Amazing Learning and Growing being with him.

Yogesh Udgire

Strategist: Digital Transformation Academy

Neeraj is an absolute gentleman.His professional approach to work, colleague and clients is amazing.An extremely warm and generous person who is always open to ideas .Well aware of bigger picture ,but willing to get down and dirty his hands to ensure delivery.Its my pleasure working with him and to be associated ...

Anand BR

Co-Founder & CSO at Ecoprosus India Private Limited

Mr. Neeraj Kappor is always open to suggestion no matter where it comes from. He also knows how to filter the suggestions to avoid waste of time and at the same time make sure that no good suggestion misses his eye. He is a strong believer in team work and puts in extra efforts to make sure that his department is in harmony with all other departments. I don't believe I have to capacity to appreciate his marketing skills as I would be nothing more than a student/ fresher in front of him

Manoj S Ahuja

Sr Associate at Tata Consultancy Services

Neeraj is a gentleman and a team player that he is , highly detail oriented in his approach to task / People management , the Marketing initiatives. The fine art of getting things done without too much fuss has been a one of the few qualities which makes him stand out from among a group. I wish him great success in his current role

Chandramouli Sivaraman

Regional Business Head - Jumbo Electronics Company

Neeraj has been quite an inspiration for all around him for energy he carries. I have never met anyone with such a passion and gift for selecting exhibits and presenting his thought to the public in the best possible way. He has been a great friend, mentor and inspiration to me.

Tanmay Priyadarshi Mohanty

Group CEO, Zenith & Performics.Resultrix India

I fondly remember Neeraj as a very matured Marketing/Product professional.His advertising and marketing knowledge contributed immensely to the organisation.On a personal front, a helpful, cheering nature person and has a pleasing personality

Kaushik Ghose

Vice President - EMG Head at Citicorp Finance India

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